Keys to healthy weight gain

Gaining weight is in theory simple: eating more calories than we spend. But it is better to put yourself in the hands of a good nutritionist.


Although the common thing is to want to lose weight , there is a part of the population that wants the opposite. And is that for some thin people, who eat what they want, and many consider lucky, their weight can pose a problem. Some do not feel comfortable with their appearance and do not know what to do to gain weight . They even manage to raise a few kilos with more caloric diets, but they tend to lose them easily to the minimum that they lower their guard with the diet. What is clear is that in order to gain weight they will need to make a caloric intake higher than their energy expenditure.

But it can not be done in any way, based on unhealthy caloric foods. To do it well, it is better to put yourself in the hands of a nutritionist who can provide personalized dietary guidelines adapted to the needs of each person. On the other hand, the practice of a certain physical exercise will favor the result, because the weight gain should be linked to lean mass and not to fat, and for this exercises that favor muscle mass will help to catch volume.

  1. Eat less and more often to gain weight
  2. Take note if you want to gain weight
  3. Enrichment strategies to gain weight

Eat less and more often to gain weight

There are people who are thin by nature, with a good appetite, and no matter how much they eat, they do not get fat; however, there are others that are equally thin, that are considered to be little eaters, and even unappetizing and that eat out of necessity, not for pleasure. Although in both cases you want to increase body weight, the strategy to follow must be different. While for the former the volume of food is not a problem, for the latter, seeing the plate full can produce rejection. That is why in this case it is recommended to make five or six intakes a day, of low volume, but of high caloric density. For this, it is even recommended to enrich the dishes with chopped nuts, avocado, croutons, grated cheese, among others.

Take note if you want to gain weight

In general, to gain weight in a healthy way, we must take into account the following nutritional aspects:

  • Carbohydrates (pasta, rice, legume, potato and bread). They are an important source of calories, so it is convenient to be present at all meals and dinners.
  • Fats : This nutrient is the most caloric of all, and through it you can quickly add calories to the diet. Of course, always choose those fats considered healthier, such as: olive oil, nuts, avocado, blue fish. Virgin olive oil is the best option for cooking. For this, you can be generous in the preparation and dressing of the dishes. Nuts, avocado and blue fish are foods that also include a good fat fraction considered healthy (polyunsaturated fatty acids), and are also a good option to include in the daily diet. As an aperitif or to snack between hours, we recommend dried fruits (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts), or olives. Other fats that we can choose but more sporadically because they are less healthy are, for example: butter, margarine, lard, etc.
  • Proteins (meats, fish and eggs). Its main function is structural and it is the nutrient from which the muscle is formed. A protein-deficient diet is unbalanced, so ensure a protein intake in lunch and dinner.

Enrichment strategies to gain weight

To help increase body weight it is recommended to increase the caloric load of the preparations by adding or spicing dishes with healthy foods:

  • In soups, creams and purees you can add: cheeses or grated cheese, fried bread croutons, ham tacos, fried tomato sauce, pips, grated egg, dried fruit (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc …)
  • In vegetables you can add: sofrito with garlic and ham, nuts, bechamel, ham shavings, scrambled egg.
  • In salads you can add: avocado, nuts, croutons, cheese cubes, raisins, fruit …
  • In vegetables you can add: stir-fries, ham, egg …
  • In rice dishes you can add: stir-fries, ham, egg …
  • In meats and fish you can choose: preparation methods such as stews, breaded, battered (provided they are well made).
  • In desserts you can add: sugar, honey or jam, dark chocolate, nuts, dehydrated fruit, milk powder.

You should avoid falling into the error of weight gain based on sweets , pastries, or other products of poor nutritional quality, containing significant amounts of simple sugars, and saturated or trans fats, not very suitable for cardiovascular health.

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