Brown sugar and white sugar: Discover the differences

Neither white sugar nor brown sugar brings benefits. Unrefined brown sugar provides minerals, but its contribution is not significant


You can buy unrefined brown sugar instead of refined white sugar thinking you’re buying a healthier sugar. But unfortunately, brown sugar, whether raw or refined, has few benefits with respect to white sugar in the health section. The main benefits of brown sugar are its appearance, a molasses flavor and containing some more minerals.

The white sugar only gives us empty calories, it is rich in calories but provides no nutritional value to our diet. It is a product extracted from sugar cane or beet and then refined. It is the purest sugar , because it has 99 percent sucrose.

Regarding brown sugar , we must distinguish between the so-called brown sugar and whole cane. Brown sugar is refined white sugar to which molasses extract is added. The integral cane is manufactured directly from the juices of sugar cane and is not refined. But although, the unrefined brown sugar provides minerals (potassium, iron, sodium, magnesium and calcium) and vitamins (mainly vitamin B, while white sugar only provides empty calories , this does not mean that brown sugar is healthier than The Barranquilla, on the other hand, is a problem, because when we consider it healthier, we add it to our diet, as it is consumed in small quantities, it is not a source of those nutrients and yet it does have a sugar content similar to white sugar.

The consumption of sugar in excess gives rise to various types of diabetes, which involves an increase in the level of blood glucose .

Brown sugar manufacturing process

The raw sugar , which appears brown, undergoes less processing than white sugar or brown sugar. After the manufacturers remove the juice from the sugarcane, they boil the juice and filter it. Turning the crystals in a centrifuge produces the raw sugar crystals, which contain molasses. The white table sugar or is subjected to further processing and granulation to make the crystals are thinner; This eliminates the molasses. Brown sugar is refined white sugar with added molasses. The turbinado sugar is raw sugar with only the molasses washed.


Raw sugar has thicker crystals than refined white or brown sugar, which gives the product a more organic appearance. This may interest you aesthetically, since it gives the appearance of a more “natural” product. In some foods, brown sugar is added to the color of the finished product.


Both raw and brown sugar contain a few more minerals than refined white sugar, but only because they contain molasses. Although brown sugar offers a small amount of calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium in its sweetener, the amounts are too small to have a real health benefit. A serving of one teaspoon of brown sugar supplies only 0.02 milligrams of iron, for example, a minute amount of the daily requirement of 8 milligrams for men and 18 milligrams for women in adulthood.


The molasses in the brown and raw sugar gives it a slightly different flavor, which could be a benefit if you like the taste of the molasses. Brown sugar and unrefined sugar contain between 5 and 10 percent molasses, while darker brown sugars contain the highest amounts.

In conclusion, we could advise you not to eat too much sugar , white or brown. The best way to keep sugar at its proper level is to perform physical exercise and follow the dietary recommendations that specialists indicate for diabetes.

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